Your healthcare, delivered at home

This very special program is just for people who are homebound and need ongoing medical care.

How does the House Calls program help me?

You may have one or more ongoing medical conditions. You may also be unable to get to your doctor's office. We want to make it easier for you to get the care you need.

Your doctor may refer you to the Optum House Calls program. The House Calls program helps you get the medical care you would normally get at your doctor's office, without having to go to the doctor's office. Your personal House Calls team will care for you in the comfort of your home.

We know that you may not always need to get your medical care at home, but you will be able to use the House Calls program as long as your regular doctor or medical professional feels you need it.

Who is on my House Calls team?

Your House Calls team may include a doctor or nurse practitioner, plus a nurse care manager and a social worker, as needed. Team members are chosen because of their skills and experience working with patients at home. Your regular doctor or medical professional knows and trusts the Optum House Calls team. Your House Calls team will always keep your regular doctor updated on your health and treatment.

What kind of help will I get?

As part of the House Calls program, you have:

  • An entire medical team to care for you and monitor your medical needs
  • A doctor or nurse practitioner who treats you in your home
  • A nurse care manager or social worker who calls or visits when you need their services
  • Most of your medical services, including laboratory and x-ray, given at your home
  • The ability to call Optum 24 hours a day, seven days a week and speak with someone who knows you are part of the House Calls program

What should I expect when I join the House Calls program?

A House Calls medical assistant will call you to schedule your first at-home appointment. This may happen when you leave the hospital, or just because your regular doctor has referred you.  

‍At your first appointment, your House Calls doctor or nurse practitioner will come to your home and spend time learning about your health, your medical conditions, the people who regularly take care of you, and other needs you may have.  

‍On another visit, your social worker may come to your home to do a home safety check and help you get any community resources you need.  

Your care manager will help arrange for services that your House Calls doctor or nurse practitioner order for you. Your care manager or your social worker may also come to your home if you need help managing your medications.  

‍The House Calls program will arrange for any medical equipment or therapies you need at home.

If you are not feeling well at any time, you can call the House Calls telephone number
and a medical professional who knows you will help. If it's after-hours, a nurse will help you or will contact a doctor or nurse practitioner.

Is it time for Hospice?
  • For those that have never experienced hospice personally, they may not have a full appreciation for the extensive range of services we offer and our support for patients AND caregivers. However, for many, even the word “hospice” can be a challenging topic. We have developed a special program to help provide an introduction to the collection of services – even if a patient is not quite ready

“A paradigm shift of viewing palliative care or hospice as a gift instead of seeing it as giving up has the potential to change the way we experience advanced age.”
Lisa J. Shultz, A Chance to Say Goodbye: Reflections on Losing a Parent