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Online medical care you need anywhere, on your own time

Get Well Clinic makes it possible to obtain medical care when you need it most, including evenings, and weekends. Skip the waiting room and rising health care cost.

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If you need a prescription, there’s no need to wait; you can begin your online consultation with a virtual doctor right now!

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You no longer have to skip work or school just to sit in a waiting room for hours. We save you time and money by making it possible to get compassionate care online without leaving your home.

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Most visits are $50.00

Telemedicine performs an important role as a cost-effective alternative to urgent care. For non-emergencies, online doctors offer great care and prescription antibiotics to tackle common infections

Most visits are $50.00

We diagnose and treat a wide range of sexually transmitted infections from the comfort of your home. No awkward face to face or video visit. Simply tell us your symptoms or upload your test result to get a prescription.

Most visits are $50.00

Going to the doctor's office means being around people who may be sick. We make it easy for women to access healthcare anytime, from any device. This may mean that you don't have to take time off work or arrange childcare.

Most visits are $50.00

We provide you with fast, discreet and affordable erectile dysfunction drugs and other men's care. Callondoc is able to send effective prescriptions to your local pharmacy or have it delivered to your door

Most visits are $50.00

Our online screening tool makes it easy and convenient to diagnose and treat mild to moderate psychiatric conditions. We also offer prescription refills on non-controlled psychiatric medications

Most visits are $50.00

Whether you take only one medication or have multiple recurring prescriptions, refills can be a source of stress and frustration. Now, CallOnDoc has made it possible for you to get your prescription filled and delivered to your door monthly or quarterly

Most visits are $50.00

You no longer have to wait weeks or months for a dermatologist appointment. Simply take a picture of the affected body part and send it to our experienced team for review. If approved, an effective medication and treatment plan will be prescribed.

Most visits are $50.00

We've leveled the playing field, allowing many people to have access to healthcare more frequently and comprehensively. Patient population who otherwise have difficulty going to a doctor’s office, or are time conscious can often be better served using our service.


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Ellen Evans

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Christine Dean

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